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Welcome to SAFEROAD Czech Republic

Vision of saferoad group

SafeRoad group is one of the main suppliers of solutions safety road traffic in Europe and one of the main suppliers of products a solution for safety transport. We offer a wide range of products with combination of expertise and knowledge. Mission of our company is developing safe, innovative and sustainable solutions, which will protect and support people on roads, let them go on foot, by bicycle or by car. Currently we accept a Vision Zero – it means zero number of killed or seriously injured people of road accidents. 

Wooden Rail

We prepar

We have supplied guardrail Tertu for many years like main importer, so we have prepared many innovation in 2016. The most important news is extension our activity in Slovakia. There we will want to offer complete portfolio of wooden rail to all customers.


The new product family with high containment level

The new product family of guardrails - SafeStar have the only one target – to upgrade the safety on the roads. In this product family, you can find the guardrail with higher containment level, more precisely from containment level H2 to H4b. This product family contains single sides systems and double sides systems including bridge parapets.


We expand our portfolio

Absolute novelty in our portfolio are end terminals and crash cushions, which contribute to make life on the roads safer. These product have a diverse range of containment levels and shapes.